What you will not find when working with Genesis

Shortcuts. We do not cut corners. We will not compromise your project. Safety and quality are some of our highest values.

Surprises. Everything is up front. When it's engineering time, we'll talk technical. When it's business, we talk plain. We don't play games. There are no catches. And when there is the odd delay or unforseen event - we're honest about it.

Assumptions. We are here to serve you. While you will find great benefits in our technical expertise and vast and varied experience, we want to support your project's success. This means that we don't allow our preferences to override yours.


What will keep you pleasantly surprised

Thorough planning. We don't use stock plan templates or try to force someone else's past success onto you. Your project will be detailed from top to bottom specifically for your requirements and appropriate to your conditions.

Everyone saves. We want to save you money, your clients money and third party providers money. We are not into waste. We are prudent with all resources.

Everything is verified. We take quality very seriously so we won't just "take someone’s word for it". Prices, quotes, orders, estimates, deliveries and specifications are all verified, all the time.

Service to us means listening. We listen to what you want and discover what you really need. We are people too so communication is key. We keep you informed and up to date regularly.