Can you work on our mine under our rules?

That would be a resounding yes. We have done projects with Rio, Xstrata, Newcrest, Alcoa, and Western Areas to limit the list to five. Under our pre-assessment and pricing, we will always clarify assumptions on your expectations regarding mandatory inductions, pre-starts, safety meetings etc, and also clarify some of your procedural expectations with you or your safety officers, and so you should never hear a whinge about handing that fourth ‘take five’ in before lunch.

Will you be submitting engineer certified documents?

Every building we construct is assessed for your particular site wind and seismic loads, and certified by a practicing engineer for that site location.

Can you do the concrete?

We would prefer not to, as our expertise is the standing of steel and cladding of buildings, however if required, will engage a third party to do this. Generally, we see limited value for our clients, as the logistics are exactly the same for our clients to engage a third party as it is for us, and our clients do not then have to add our contingency provision to their cost.

Are you financially viable enough to cope with our payment terms?

We factor this in to our assumptions, and will always budget our cash flow for up to 30 day accounts. One of our clients (and I am sure you know who they are!) has a sixty day EOM account. We add a finance charge to this type of account as we are not a short term bank, however the actual cash flow provision is still covered.

Are you insured?

Yes to all. Additional insurance over the top of construction, public liability, and workers comp includes engineer’s professional indemnity. We will discuss transit insurance if using your carrier.

Why do you specialise in mine type work?

Good question. Love spinifex and sand, and the smell of mulga before rain. Enjoyed playing with Tonka trucks as a kid, along with the roads for their open pit! Generally big construction, with visible progress that is far more satisfying than a day in the office with 30 half completed to-do’s.

Are you a registered builder/building company?

No. Any ‘Building work’ (legislative term) we do within the builder’s registration board area of jurisdiction requires us to work under the scope of a registered builder. In these instances, we have partnerships with a number of registered builders who will be taking out the contract and responsibility for the job directly with you, and then subcontract us for parts of that job. Jobs on most mining and industrial sites throughout the state for operational buildings, farms for farming related buildings and areas outside gazetted towns in the North West, or buildings under $20,000 anywhere can be contracted directly with us. For work in other areas, such as LIA’s, metropolitan and South West towns and mining villages, we will walk you through the processes and facilitate for you.